Institutional Supporters

University of italian Switzerland – Faculty of Communication Sciences

University of Italian Switzerland USI: the university, a bridge between Switzerland and Italy, is today a center of excellence in european academic research. is a laboratory of the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the University of Italian Switzerland, headed by prof. Lorenzo Cantoni. deals with a wide range of issues related to new media applied to communication in the field of eTourism.

KTI – Agency for the Promotion of Innovation of the Swiss Confederation

The KTI is the federal agency that deals with the promotion of innovation. For 60 years, it has promoted the transfer of knowledge and technology between businesses and universities. New knowledge in the laboratories should be converted immediately into practical projects, namely into marketable products.

Promax Comuncation SA

Promax Comunication SA is a well-established Swiss company, since 1982 dealing with energy and passion for communication applied to the tourism industry. For over three years Promax team has been actively working with USI to create innovative projects and seminars to professionals and institutions.